A new way to make a living.  

Join Shookit's local Partners Community. Manage your own business and achieve unlimited growth potential. 

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Introducing Shookit's distribution network

A new kind of distribution network designed for the age of e-commerce. We operate a network of nano fulfilment centers, located in neighbourhoods in big and crowded cities. Enabling the best delivery experience to DTC brand and logistics companies. 

We offer "Business In A Box"
to local entrepreneurs. 
This is how our relationship works:

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Nano Fulfillment Center  
Goods to distribute 
E-bike and branding kit 
Increased Business growth potential
Self development academy 
Strong community of local Partners 
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Full responsibility of your local Business 
Deliver outstanding customer experience  
Recruit and manage Employees 
Business Development and growth opportunities 

Why are entrepreneurs becoming Shookit Partners?

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Unlimited growth potential

From your first day as a Partner we will work with you to stabilize and grow your Business and  will continue to support you. Forever.

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for success

Each local Partner has a dedicated guide to help them every step of the way. Our Partners benefit themselves by continuously learning via our Shookit Academy. 

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Quick-start a business 

We ask local Partners to take as few risks as possible, which is why we created our "business in a box" offering enables our Partners to focus on Customer experience.

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