Privacy Policy

Information Encryption:

The site ‘SHOOKIT’ is secured by software to encrypt information from the most advanced.

SSL software is a software used by online trading sites to perform transactions on the Internet in which sensitive information is transferred, such as credit card number, identity card, etc.

The information transmitted by this technology can not be deciphered, but only by the server receiving the client request.

Usage restrictions:

Use of the Site constitutes consent to use it in accordance with the Rules of Use and the provisions of the law and use thereof constitutes your agreement and obligation to act accordingly.

For purposes of illustration and clarification only, the following details prohibited uses. There is no detail to constitute an exhaustive list, and no prohibition is included in order to legalize it and there is no detail to detract from the rule.

Prohibition on Illegal Use – Use of the site for any illegal purpose or purpose prohibited according to its instructions is prohibited.

Personal use only – The site is intended for your use as a private user and is conditional upon the use of your personal, trusted information only. Do not use the site while taking a false identity and / or posing as someone else. Do not make any use other than personal personal use, including commercial use for profit, for example, by advertising a product or service or offers of sale, etc. Also prohibited is conducting surveys, for profit or other purposes, distributing or editing games, distributing “chain letters”, etc.

Reproduction – Reproduction in any manner whatsoever including copying, reproduction, direct copying and / or copying of content appearing on the Site, whether provided by SHOOKIT or whether included in various forums and / or links, is prohibited. Direct and / or indirect copying of any technology used within the Site is prohibited.

Prohibition on use – It is prohibited to sell, rent, distribute, display, transmit content from the website and / or contents copied from it, including installing them for sale, rental or any other way.

Prohibition on making changes – It is expressly forbidden to introduce any change in the application, its contents or the technology used in its framework.

Prohibition of Harm to the Website, its contents It is expressly forbidden to send files to the Website, which may harm the application and / or the user in any way, including files infected with viruses.

Restrictions on using forums

Use of the forums will be done by a user by his own name and at his own risk, the site is not responsible for the content that will appear in the various forums and is not obliged to monitor the forums and the contents of them.

As a user you must use the forums in a civilized and respectful way.

A. Violation of the provisions of any law and / or provision and / or provisions of these Rules. B. Incitement and / or sedition. Assistance and / or solicitation and / or commission of a criminal offense. D. Assistance in soliciting and / or causing any civil wrong. E. Use of bad language. and. Invasion of privacy. G. The publication of obscene words of every kind. H. Harm to feelings of any kind. ninth. Violation and / or violation of copyrights, transmitters, promotions and / or any other right granted to the work and / or the creator. Y. Infringement and / or violation of any intellectual property right of any kind, including a sample, trademark, patent, whether registered or not, and / or a trade and / or commercial and / or other intellectual property. K. Commercial information of any kind, including offers of sale of a product or service. The site’s system will not be obligated to notify and / or provide in advance and / or retroactively any prior notice of non-inclusion and / or deletion of content and will not be obliged to provide reasons for such action.

In this respect, the site’s system reserves the right to refrain from including and / or deleting content that does not comply with the provisions of these terms of use. Content that violates the provisions of law and / or content that may harm its businesses, customers and / or any of the workers on its behalf and / or on its behalf .

Information security and privacy:

Our commitment to protecting privacy

Your privacy is important to us. To improve your privacy protection, we provide this information regarding our privacy protection policies.

What we do with the information

Submission of your information and other data about you in the application will constitute consent and permission to use Shookit to provide its services through this website system, including improving the services, including agreeing to receive messages, correspondence messages, periodic checks, surveys, etc. designed to improve them.

If you do not wish to receive additional information, including announcements about offers that are offered and / or which will be offered to its customers, please indicate this at the time of joining and / or email to the site’s support system.

The information is not transferred to any other party, except to the extent required to complete the task (such as the credit company) and / or if required to be delivered by virtue of a judicial order and / or the provisions of any law, but also a case of taking and / or warning before taking legal proceedings of any kind.

We do not make any use of the details of the payment method you transfer, whether it is a credit card or a bank account number, but to make the payment and do not forward it to any other party except for this purpose. We prevent unauthorized access to our databases.


Copyright, intellectual property and any other rights in the Site and the Company’s system, its design, the software used in its framework, application, computer code, graphic file, text and any other information contained therein shall be the sole owner of the Site. No part of this and / or part thereof may be copied, distributed, publicly displayed or transmitted to any third party unless it has received its prior written consent and subject to this consent if it has given.

The trademarks appearing in the Application are the property of Shookit, if published by the Authorized Advertisers and their property.

In no case shall the trademarks of the application be used without the prior written consent of their owners.

The delivery of content to the application constitutes an explicit statement that you are a copyright holder in it who is authorized to deliver it for publication and that the delivery does not infringe the copyrights of another.

Please note that Shookit will rely on this statement as a basis for including content you submitted when you joined the site.

User Warranty:

A user who uses the site’s system in contravention of the rules of use or in conflict with the provisions of law shall bear sole responsibility for his actions including any direct and / or indirect damage caused by the site. Its employees, directors, shareholders or anyone on their behalf for any direct and / or indirect damage, including loss, loss of profit, payment or expense incurred by them – including attorney’s fees and court expenses, if any.

Shookit may terminate your use of the Application in any event of action in violation of the Rules of Use and / or the provisions of the law, but there is no termination of use, in order to exempt you from liability as stated above and present a prohibition and / or consent to such action.


EXCLUSION OF LIABILITY FOR SHOOKIT, MEANS EXCLUSION OF ANY LIABILITY FOR DIRECT OR INDIRECT DAMAGES TO THE USER AND / OR ANY THIRD PARTY. Exemption from liability for the site system will also apply to any subsidiary, affiliated company, affiliated company, shareholders, directors, officers, management personnel, employees, and anyone acting on behalf of and / or on their behalf, whether explicitly stated below or if


The Company maintains ongoing control over the inventory of products offered for sale. When the inventory is about to expire, the site will inform the consumers of this and will not be able to purchase the out of stock. If, after an order has been made, the product is sold out due to exceptional circumstances that were not known at the time of the order, the Company shall inform the consumer thereof and shall allow him to choose between receiving an alternative and equivalent product.

General liability for site activity:

The Site shall not bear any liability for illegal activity carried out by participants on the Site during its sales or for any other party which is not under its full control.

The site makes and makes every effort to maintain the proper functioning of the site, but does not guarantee that the service will not be interrupted due to malfunctions in hardware, software or communication lines, and it will not be responsible for malfunctions or malfunctions on the Internet or on the communication lines.


In all legal disputes, the laws of the State of Israel will apply only.

The place of jurisdiction for any matter relating to the use of the site shall be in the court authorized by law.

Pictures for illustration:

Sometimes there may be photographic errors and / or color differences between the photographs of the products published on the site and the products that will be provided in practice. In any case of material discrepancy, the site will state this explicitly. If an exceptional mistake is made, it is clear on its face and in good faith, in the description of the product, it will not obligate the company and it will allow the consumer to cancel and return all the money he paid.


Shookit may change the rules of use from time to time to change them to their value in any way and without having to give prior notice.

Any changes will take effect immediately and the updated usage rules will be included in the application. This Agreement shall apply only to the laws of the State of Israel.

This does not detract from the right of the website’s system to refer any matter relating to the rules of use and / or the use of the application to the decision of each court and / or another quasi-judicial entity, at any discretion.

Use of the Application shall constitute an agreement to bring any such matter to the decision of any party chosen by Shookit, the Site’s system and its representatives.