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Shookit is distribution tech company

designed for the age of consumption and convenience 

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We partner with:


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DTC Brands

We offer same day delivery,  in a fraction of the traditional cost, with  the finest customer  engagement .

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Carrier Companies

We offer "last yard" service for logistics companies. they deliver to us - we deliver to end customers. faster and with better costs.

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Real Estate Players

Assets manager, co-living, co-working companies use us to monetize tiny spaces that they saw as lost real estate.

Do you operate in NYC? we got you covered. 

This is how Shookit works:   

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It starts in your 

neighbourhood's NFC:

We turn small urban Real Estate pieces into Nano Fulfilment Centers (NFC);
including warehouse management, order management and delivery. You can find more than 1 NFC in your neighbourhood, if it's big enough.


Partnering with local entrepreneurs:  

The NFC is operated by a local entrepreneur which become our local partner and gets a"Business In a Box": everything is needed to operate with success.



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To create the ultimate delivery network.

By strategically creating a network of NFC's, situated  throughout major metropolitan cities, we work to move any package from anywhere to anywhere, in no time with the friction of traditional cost.

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